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Southeastern Collegiate Roller Hockey League

NCRHA announces rule and procedure changes for the upcoming 2022-2023 season

 September 7th, 2022 at 3:25PM  September 7th, 2022 8:28PM

The NCRHA has updated the Rulebook and League Operations Manual for the upcoming 2022-2023 season. While playing rules are unchanged, there are several changes in the League Operations Manual that are important to all teams.

Changes include:

  • Division IV has been renamed Division AA. Schools with secondary teams will now refer to their secondary teams by using the -AA designation after the division of their primary team (ie. Division I-AA, Division II-AA, etc.) All AA teams will compete in the same division at Nationals in 2023.
  • Eligibility rules between primary and secondary teams have had an exception added. Skaters and goaltenders are now treated separately, meaning that a D1/D2/D3 skater could also play goaltender for their AA team (or vice versa), without being locked to the primary team. Note that this does not apply to any players playing the same position on both teams, in which case the 6-game lock to the primary team will still apply.
  • The 3-year Junior College eligibility limit has been removed. Now all players have 5 years of collegiate roller hockey eligibility.
  • Should there be only 1 post-season eligible team in the Junior College Division, the NCRHA Board of Directors may consider placing that team into another division of the Board's choosing at the National Championships.
  • Goal Differential has been added as a tie breaker, after Wins and before Goals Against.

For more information and the full text of all changes, both documents can be found on the NCRHA website at

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