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NCRHA 2023-2024 Season Coaches Poll - Pre-Season Poll Results!

 October 23rd, 2023 at 12:28PM  October 23rd, 2023 5:52PM

The NCRHA will once again be ranking teams across the country in all divisions via the NCRHA Coaches Poll. The purpose of the poll is to provide national rankings in each division, compiled from the votes submitted by a committee of committed coaches and team representatives. Committee members are those who have committed to dedicate and familiarize themselves with all NCRHA teams. The NCRHA Coaches Poll Committee Chair for the 2023-24 season is Rick Fenwick, Head Coach of Henry Ford College.


The voting and ranking system has no weight in terms of the selection process for the National Collegiate Roller Hockey Championships. It is designed to be a fun method for teams, coaches, and players to see how their team stacks up against other teams around the country. The voting process is purposely not using a scientific method or algorithm to determine the rankings. It is strictly based on the opinions of the committee members casting their votes.


It should be noted that there have been and continue to be other polls or rankings in the collegiate roller hockey world, and while they may not be officially sponsored by the NCRHA, they are considered a welcome addition to the conversation. There have been discussions on the creation of a Pairwise or RPI type ranking system for collegiate roller hockey similar to what the NCAA does for collegiate ice hockey. The NCRHA continues to support the concept and is interested in continuing the exploration with interested parties of the feasibility of establishing such a ranking system for use in future seasons.


Stay tuned for more information on the 2023-2024 NCRHA Coaches Poll throughout the season.


NCRHA Coaches Poll Official Preseason Rankings


Division 1

  1. Lindenwood
  2. Arizona State (tied for 2nd)
  3. Bethel (tied for 2nd)
  4. Grand Canyon
  5. Rowan
  6. Farmingdale

*Note: Henry Ford College will be added to the Division 1 polling for the remainder of the season, as the only Junior College currently registered.

Division 2

  1. Ohio State
  2. Slippery Rock
  3. Neumann
  4. UMass
  5. Arizona
  6. Northeastern
  7. CSU Fullerton
  8. Robert Morris
  9. Boston
  10. Cortland (tied for 10th)
  11. Endicott (tied for 10th)
  12. Penn State
  13. Cal Poly
  14. Michigan State
  15. Quinnipiac


Division 3

  1. Montclair State
  2. Florida
  3. Temple
  4. Hofstra
  5. Oswego
  6. Tampa
  7. Colorado
  8. Florida State
  9. Maryville
  10. Santa Barbara
  11. FGCU
  12. Purdue
  13. Syracuse
  14. Missouri S&T
  15. Illinois State


Division AA

  1. Lindenwood Gold
  2. Slippery Rock
  3. Arizona (tied for 3rd)
  4. Lindenwood Black (tied for 3rd)
  5. Arizona State
  6. Farmingdale Green
  7. UMASS
  8. Boston
  9. Michigan State (tied for 9th)
  10. Stony Brook (tied for 9th)
  11. Farmingdale Black

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