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Thursday Evening Grab Bag

By Ian Prescott of NCRHA Coast 2 Coast (@NCRHA_C2C)

 April 6th, 2017 at 6:44PM  April 6th, 2017 11:46PM

A Look at the DII Dark Horses going into the Elimination Rounds
Why they’ll win, lose, and why you should/shouldn’t root for them

Division II playoffs begin tomorrow morning  and while you begin to pencil in brackets, here’s a highlight of teams that might bust it.

DePaul - 3-0-0 in Pool D 
Why They’ll Win: The graduate student twosome of Danielski and Harris have brought a culture  of winning into the locker room as well as a potent 1-2 punch.
Why They’ll Lose: They keep things loose on the bench, and maybe don’t have the reserve for the tight checking high-intensity games of the late elimination rounds. 
Why You Should Root For Them: DePaul is located in the beautiful city of Chicago. 
Why You Shouldn’t Root For Them: They’re from the North Side. 

NAU - 2-0-0 in Pool F
Why They’ll Win: Arguably one of the most dynamic two-way players in the division Trevor Riffey keeps his team in contention game in and out. 
Why They’ll Lose: Riffey in part is the beginning and end of this team in tight games, it might not be enough. 
Why You Should Root For Them: The NAU team stays true to the Lumberjack name by sporting some unique facial hair. 
Why You Shouldn’t Root For Them: They’re from Arizona, and it’s not even hot in Flagstaff. 

Yeshiva - 2-1-0 in Pool C 
Why They’ll Win: They are clicking on all cylinders, and they’ve really surprised the people here in Ft. Myers by scoring an average of 6 goals per game.
Why They’ll Lose: They’re inexperienced, and the later the games go the less margin of error there is. 
Why You Should Root For Them: They’re literally the nicest team here at the rink. 
Why You Shouldn’t Root For Them: They had an article in the NY Times. Fake News. Sad!

Can’t Make It Up (Odds and ends from the rink) 

Neumann v. Farmingdale - 4/5/17
In a tightly contested game between two rivals, the Farmingdale Rams pull ahead 3-2 with 9 minutes left in the 3rd period. As time begins to tick down and competition ramps up, tempers flare and Michael Gonzalez and Tyler Kraft slash one another for coincidental penalties. As Farmingdale’s Gonzalez rolls into the box, he shouts “It’s chess, they just gave up their Queen for a Pawn.” 

Michigan State v. UC Santa Barbara - 4/5/17
While in the locker room prior to their first pool play game against UCSB, the Michigan State Spartans spoke about their keys to the game. Emphasis in the locker room was on the pace of the game and the need for no stupid penalties against the Gauchos. Then suddenly, “Who has the pucks?”

Bauer Rink - 4/5/17
While speaking to Bethel’s D3 team. “We only have… like 6 total guys, and our two leading scorers were guys who came to Bethel to play goalie.” 

Penn State v. Endicott - 4/6/17
Post-game, Penn State’s coach speaks to the referee, disputing a *few* penalty calls: “Hey man, I’m sorry for yelling at you.” The ref’s response? “It’s all a part of the game.”

University of Tennessee - Knoxville v. Arkansas - 4/6/17
A fan asking about the the UT-Knoxville coaching staff, “Do you think those guys are paid? Or are they Volunteers?”

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